Presentation of business opportunities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Presentation of business opportunities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

February 4, 2022, Ajman – Companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina will attend Business Forum organized by Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Government of Sarajevo Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina to promote the country’s friendly and favourable business environment to business community of Ajman and of the UAE.

The Business Forum underscored the increased foreign direct investments that have helped Bosnia and Herzegovina position itself as an incredible opportunity for potential investors. The event also highlighted the factors that make the country an attractive business hub, including its single-market access, stable financial system that foreign investors can benefit from, and its encouraging economic and regulatory framework.

Due to its proximity to Western markets and European high-way system Bosnia and Herzegovina presents a strategic location for European, Middle Eastern and Asian markets. Bosnia and Herzegovina has a lot to offer including over 400 investment projects and over 300 investment locations.

“A well-developed road and railway network, four international airports, two river ports and two international ports present existing infrastructure. Investing to Bosnia and Herzegovina comes with number of advantages including favourable legal environment, the VAT and CIT are among the lowest in the region and the EU, and we provide courteous treatment of international investors and finally we have fair tax system.” – stated Mr Samir Avdić, Minister of Culture and Sports of Government of Sarajevo Canton, who was leading the Bosnia and Herzegovina business delegation.

Though 51.3% of the country comprises arable land, mountain pastures, improved grazing land, orchards and vineyards, its automotive industry is steadily growing, representing a highly profitable industry, focused on exporting an average 90% of products to 30 countries. Additionally, its pharma sector was worth 334 million EUR in 2020, presenting an increase of almost 4% compared to 2019, while the metal processing and electrical industries are Bosnia and Herzegovina’s most successful industries.

The Business Forum was attended by representatives of over 80 various companies and countries who were interested to network with business leaders of Bosnia and Herzegovina.