Media Info

Media Info

Here you can find the guide for media members who want to attend and cover Expo 2020 Dubai or report on the event remotely.

Tawassul, which means “connection” in Arabic, is Expo 2020 Dubai’s specialized media platform. Once you register on the app you will be provided with the access to crucial information, updates on facilities as well as services, and a range of editorial material and assets. You can also apply for media accreditation so that you can have access to the Expo 2020 Dubai site and its services and facilities during the event, as well as media systems.

Step 01

Register for Tawassul

Based on provided information, access will be granted to genuine members of the media within five business days.

Step 02

Submit a media accreditation expression of interest via Tawassul

Whether you want to cover Expo 2020 Dubai remotely or in person, you’ll need to be accredited as a media member.


For any additional information and questions about media, please reach us via e:mail: