Expo 2020 Dubai is an impressive event taking place from October 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022, during which Dubai will become the center of the world.

Expo World Fair has the tradition of presenting the most significant achievements and innovations that have literally changed the world. Some of the inventions that were for the first time presented at world fairs are the telephone, the telegraph, the first samples made of plastic, a revolver, the typewriter, a diesel engine, and many others.

In modern times world fairs are global events dedicated to finding solutions for challenges facing humanity. They serve as a bridge connecting companies, international organizations, governments, and citizens who are finding solutions and developing new forms of cooperation by exchanging ideas and best practices.

Bosnia and Herzegovina will also participate at Expo 2020 Dubai, continuing the tradition of participating at world fairs since 1998. Entrepreneurs from the whole country will have the opportunity to present their businesses. Ministry of Economy of the Sarajevo Canton, who took over the management of BiH participation at Expo 2020, will conduct a very transparent process of registration and selection of entrepreneurs who will represent Bosnia and Herzegovina. Besides entrepreneurs, artists will also have a chance to present themselves to the whole world and promote BiH tradition and culture.

Participation at Expo 2020 Dubai is a unique opportunity for the global promotion of Bosnia and Herzegovina, strengthening the recognition of our country and its potentials and attracting investors and tourists. The fact that participation at this event is an opportunity not to be missed is confirmed by our interlocutors, eminent experts in the field of economics.

“There are multiple benefits for countries and its companies when participating at world fairs. This, among others, is confirmation of countries and its companies’ capacities, that is, confirmation that they have a lot to present to the world, confirmation of adequate creditworthiness on a global scale, but also an opportunity to directly see what and how other countries and companies are doing. Moreover, it’s a chance to assess one’s competitiveness and achievements, gain new important knowledge about world trends, establish new cooperation with international companies and countries, create a realistic basis for participation in the international division of labor, and contribute to increasing one’s total income and GDP of its country”, said Dr. Željko Šain, Doctor of Economics and former Dean of School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo. “For entrepreneurs, presenting at this world fair means realization of all above mentioned. Moreover, it means that the presentation is held in a friendly environment, a market of great purchasing power, which is very important for the international exchange of goods and services that BiH can offer.”

To be part of this world fair is an opportunity not to be missed. Dr. Kemal Kozarić, the current Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Austria, confirms this and says: “I had the honor to be a member of BiH delegation at the World Fair held in Lisbon in 1998. It’s a privilege to visit the world fair and to, in a way, have the opportunity to participate in it. I truly believe that world fairs are a great opportunity to present our achievements, and therefore they are a confirmation that entrepreneurs are ahead of politics. I think that participation at Expo 2020 is a unique opportunity to present our country, and so I would like to congratulate the Government of the Sarajevo Canton for recognizing this because it would be such a shame if Bosnia and Herzegovina did not participate at Expo 2020.”

This former governor of the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina and former dean of the School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo adds that the benefits of participating at the World Fair are enormous. Everyone who presents at Expo 2020 will surely profit from it because it is an excellent opportunity to show the best their country has to offer.”

When it comes to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s strategic advantages and its competitiveness, Dr. Šain emphasizes its geographic location and position at the so-called crossroad of worlds and adds: “There is certainly this political reputation that we inherited from the former SFRY and the Non-Aligned Movement, the affection of civilized parts of countries and people, as well as world-renowned industries and economic achievements that we had until 1992. Don’t forget that our reputation of a good host is especially recognizable by the 1984 Winter Olympics and the traditional and world-famous Sarajevo Film Festival.”, adds dr. Šain.

Our advantages, such as healthy food, water and drinks, tourism and catering offer attract tourists, thus Expo 2020 is a chance to spread the word about everything our country can offer.

“Small and medium enterprises are following world trends and their technological innovations are at a desirable level. Take, for example, BiH wood industries – our companies work for famous world companies such as IKEA and produce finished products, furniture, equipment, and so on, which means that their products are already recognized.”, said Ambassador Kozarić. One thing is for sure – Expo 2020 has started and it’s being held despite adversities the world is currently facing. This huge world opportunity for the promotion of culture and businesses that is organized every five years is a chance for our country, Bosnia and Herzegovina, to show and prove that it is ready to follow the world trend and use the opportunity to welcome the future in the right way – by promoting innovation, science, and applying technological solutions.