Agriculture and food processing industry

Its excellent geographic position, numerous natural resources, optimal climate conditions, and the proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and Europe make Bosnia and Herzegovina an ideal area for agricultural production and food processing industry.

A significant part of the country’s land area is agricultural land – 51.3%  including arable land, mountain pastures, improved grazing land, orchards and vineyards. Agricultural activities have been carried out on this land since Roman times, although the current shape of the farming landscape features results of the Industrial Revolution.

The country’s climate and terrain make it one of the world’s top producers of several fruits and vegetables.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a significant agricultural global production rank of:

  • Raspberries – #10 in the world
  • Plums – #15 in the world
  • Strawberries – #35 in the world


Average milk production is 727 million liters/year. However, only 7% of the total fresh milk production is exported, representing the significant potential for expansion. As a result, investors can enjoy various investment opportunities and benefit from different advantages, including natural diversity and production infrastructures.

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